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96 stereoscopic images from Jesus de Echebarría.

23x24cm format. Hardcover + wire-o. 3D Glasses.

Texts of Konrado Mugertza and Kosme de Barañano

Edited by Estudios Durero

60,00 €

Estereoscópico is a collection of images by the photographer from Bilbao, Jesús de Echebarría. Stereoscopic images which have been reproduced to be viewed in 3D, using special glasses. 

The Estereoscópico project began with the discovery of an archive of more than 2,000 stereoscopic plates from the early 20th century. Something that could have been just a curious find, which stood out due to the photographic technique used to take the images, transpires as a valuable example of the reality of that time. The author, Jesús de Echebarría, is a twentieth-century native of Bilbao. A cultured and modern traveller, with a comfortable economic position that allowed him to travel, to access culture and to develop a hobby that was not within everyone’s reach, such as photography. His archive is now an example of the reality of that time, a deliberate outlook with a clear ethnographic value.

Images that reflect, for example, the wide gap between the rural world and the provincial capitals that occurred in the Basque Country in the early twentieth century due to the development of trade and industry. We also find other subject matters such as politics and the Basque bourgeoisie, families, leisure development, bull fighting and football, the natural landscape and the industrial landscape. And images of the world, cities like Paris or Berlin, and dramatised portraits with an artistic component. Jesús de Echebarría had access to all these realities and for that reason his archive has a double value: both historical and technical.

The book includes 96 restored images and texts by Kosme de Barañano and Konrado Mugertza. It also includes 3D glasses to be able to see the three-dimensional effect of the stereoscopy. 

Edited by Estudios Durero